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Carrying Out Works
Received a Party Wall Notice

Before you proceed with your planned works, you may need to serve notice on your neighbour(s) informing of them of works that are deemed notifiable under the Party Wall etc. Act 1996. Square One Consulting can help. We can review any drawings and identify the notifiable works under the Act, prepare the necessary notices and serve them on all Adjoining Owners'. If required, Square One Consulting will draft and serve all relevant Party Wall Award.

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If you have a received a Party Wall Notice, Square One Consulting can act as the Adjoining Owners' surveyor in protecting your assets. This includes reviewing all plans to identify any contentious areas of the build, producing a Schedule of Conditions report and finalising a draft Award setting out the terms of the notifiable works and the responsibilities of the parties.

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The Party Wall etc. Act 1996 is a piece of legislation in the United Kingdom that deals with party walls, boundary walls, and excavation near neighbouring buildings. Here are some key points of the Act:

1. Purpose:

  • The primary purpose of the Party Wall etc. Act 1996 is to provide a framework for preventing and resolving disputes in relation to party walls, boundary walls, and excavations near neighbouring buildings.

2. Notifiable Works:

  • If a property owner intends to carry out certain types of work, known as "notifiable works," on or near a party wall, they must notify their neighbours in writing at least two months before the planned start date. Notifiable works include activities like building new walls, cutting into a party wall, or excavating near a neighbouring building.

3. Party Wall Notice:

  • The person planning the work (the "Building Owner") must serve a Party Wall Notice to the neighbouring property owners (the "Adjoining Owners"). The notice should include details of the proposed work, the anticipated start date, and a response form for the Adjoining Owners to indicate their consent or dissent.

4. Adjoining Owner's Response:

  • Upon receiving the Party Wall Notice, the Adjoining Owners can respond in three ways: they can consent to the works, consent to the works subject to a Schedule of Conditions is carried out, dissent and agree to the Building Owner's surveyor being appointed as the 'Agreed Surveyor', or dissent and appoint their own surveyor to resolve the dispute.

6. Party Wall Surveyors:

  • If the Adjoining Owners dissent The surveyors, or 'Agreed Surveyor' will then determine and document the rights and responsibilities of both parties, usually in the form of a Party Wall Agreement (sometimes called an Award).

7. Party Wall Awards:

  • A Party Wall Award is a legally binding document that sets out the rights and responsibilities of the Building Owner and the Adjoining Owner. It will include details of the proposed works, any protective measures, and a schedule of condition of the Adjoining Owner's property.

8. Dispute Resolution:

  • The Act provides a mechanism for resolving disputes between neighbours in relation to party walls. This can involve the appointment of surveyors or, in some cases, access to the county court.

9. Rights of Access:

  • The Act allows the Building Owner to enter the Adjoining Owner's property in accordance with Section 8 of the Party Wall Act, to carry out the notifiable works, subject to reasonable notice and with due regard to minimizing inconvenience.

10. Compensation: - The Act provides for compensation to be paid by the Building Owner to the Adjoining Owner for any damage caused as a result of the notifiable works.

It's important to note that the Party Wall etc. Act 1996 is a complex piece of legislation, and anyone considering works covered by the Act should seek professional advice, such as from a surveyor with expertise in party wall matters, to ensure compliance with the legal requirements.t here...

What Is The Party Wall etc. Act 1996



Serving of Party Wall Notices (price per neighbour)

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